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4 Things You Didn’t Know Were Invented by Black Women

When it comes to innovators, black women are often left behind in the conversation, and their inventions and achievements are overlooked. Most people don’t know about Black women’s inventions of all kinds that people use every single day.

Black women have contributed things to the world that have improved our daily lives. Without their contributions, certain things would never exist. Let’s take a look at the overlooked inventions and innovations. Black women have given to this world.

Clear Vision

Yes, you read that right. A Black woman, Dr. Patricia Bath, is behind better eyesight for those who had impaired vision. She used her genius to create a device that could improve the procedure of removing cataracts, which is responsible for blindness and impaired vision.

She is the co-founder of the American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness and is the first African-American woman who was granted a medical patent. Today, cataracts can be easily removed from the eye with the help of a Laserphaco Probe.

The Heater

Isn’t it such a blessing to buy a heater than warm up your living space when it’s too cold? Alice H. Parker is to be thanked for this. She took it upon herself to come up with a heating furnace that could use natural gas.

In December 1919, she got a patient for this, and now everyone can use a thermostat that is installed in the air conditioning that allows them to warm up their homes or offices and not freeze eternally.

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Home Security

Marie Van Brittan Brown—we owe you! If she and her husband hadn’t noticed the ever-increasing crime rate in their neighborhood in New York, we wouldn’t be able to feel safer in our homes today.

The couple earned the patent for a security system for their home, and the rest is history. Their security system was a closed-circuit television system, and it had a camera installed in the front door. It also had a two-way microphone and a switch that unlocks the main door. It also has a push alert button that can alert a nearby security office.

3D Movies

How amazing are 3D movies? Valerie Thomas is a Black woman who also happens to be an inventor, a physics, and a data analyst at NASA. She invented the technology that has made the current 3D technology on our TV screens possible.

She discovered how concave mirrors are able to create an illusion of a 3D object. She used various ways to visually transmit this illusion, and that’s how she submitted a patent for an illusion transmitter. 

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